We learn what is most important to you, and then work within your timeline to help you reach your goals. Depending on your engine and technology stack, we could save you months of time.

Let us partner with you to help you build your dreams.

We helped Define Human optimize their intense sci-fi Battle Royale game, Islands of Nyne.

"After having Greg consult for our team for the better part of a year, I only wish we had found him sooner! Hands down one of the most meticulous, talented, and hard-working engineers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He'll be the first door we'll be knocking on come our next project!"

Rob Logan
CEO - Define Human Studios


We have experience working on a variety of AAA games for major studios. We've spent our careers perfecting our craft so that we can help you cross the finish line successfully.

Greg Semple


Unreal Engine

We fill the gaps in the Unreal Engine 5 development ecosystem. We have a variety of plugins that will kickstart your development and save months of work.

We have expertise in many areas of the engine, whether you need to build custom editor workflow for your designers, or just need someone familiar with the inner workings of their networking system.


Build resilient systems without amassing technical debt that slows you down as you get to the finish line. We can help you architect and build your next gameplay idea. We're also great at crushing those bugs that keep you up at night.


We have optimized several AAA games supporting 64+ players. We have expertise dealing with the 4 key areas of CPU scaling in replication, movement, animation, and AI.

Don't pay for what you don't use. Or what the player won't notice.


Architecting latency-tolerant systems starts from the ground up. Use prediction where it matters. Tune your networking model for the right balance between security and responsiveness. Optimize bandwidth to make sure your game will run on even the least reliable networks.


We are passionate about solving your problems. Let us know how we can help.